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Driver Hire

QDL is committed to the highest standards of road safety and provides drivers who
are always professional with exemplary knowledge of roads understanding safety and
its importance. All drivers are equipped with the skills that ensure confidence when
dealing with demanding situations. Punctuality is key. QDL Drivers will ensure they
are always smart and friendly whilst performing all duties required.
A driver which lacks the above qualities can affect the daily operations of a company.
It can be DISRUPTIVE, COSTLY and can be very FRUSTRATING.

Companies that use large agencies to provide drivers on demand, know that it can be
POT LUCK when it comes to the quality of the driver provided.

The result of having a Quality Driver being placed with a client gives PEACE OF MIND,

Cover yourself, when you need cover. Make QDL your first call: 0208 611 2542 (option 1)

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