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Quality Driving Ltd was established in 2005. From its base in South London we have been supplying quality ‘Class 2 Hiab’ drivers to the local builder merchants industry. During that time, we have continued to grow our team of Quality Drivers to accommodate the increased demand that new and existing branches have required from us. Our reputation for supplying reliable, professional drivers is something we pride ourselves in, and the recognition of this from our clients is our driving force.

In 2013, in response to requests for our assistance with Transport Management issues, we began developing our second service. Our development of procedures and systems to integrate our unique insight and approach to everyday issues were and continue to be of great value to our clients. Introduction of key management staff to assist with further development of our services has increased our abilities and further commitment to quality.

We introduced our Haulage service in 2014 which has proved to be a great addition to the overall service that we provide our clients. We feel strongly that the development of this service is the culmination of our experiences and education that our other services have given us. Bringing all the elements that are needed to meet the demands of a transport service from a fresh start, has really helped us refine our knowledge and expertise in this field.

Our Driver Hire service extended to the south coast in 2015 with the introduction of our Portsmouth branch. We recognise the need for Quality Drivers throughout the Haulage Industry and our aim is to continue with delivering our service of dependable drivers and transport services to all areas that we are able to offer it.

In 2016 we introduced ‘Lorry Loader Training & Driver Assessment & Mentoring’, to our services. We took our best and most experienced, Driver/Crane operators and trained them to become Instructors. With the combination of instructor training from Industry leaders and QDL’s unique quality standards, we are confident that this will complement our other services and further strengthen our ability to provide the quality service that our clients have come to expect from us. We have chosen to be accredited by The ‘Association of Lorry Loader Manufacturers and Importers’ (ALLMI). All of our drivers are ALLMI certificated as we recognise the strength and commitment to high standards they evoke in our services.

Our new Training Centre opened in spring 2017. We now have fantastic facilities for providing our training service, which is constantly being developed to cater for the ever increasing demands from the industry. The difference, our training, to what you’ll find elsewhere, is in the quality. Our unique combination of practical insight, high standards and attention to detail – means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better and more productive solution to your training needs.

As we specialise in the service of Class 2 lorry loader – truck / driver hire, our experiences over the years have given us great insight into the skills and professionalism required to operate these vehicles and cranes to the highest level. Recognition of the challenges and skills needed, we are able to offer our clients a unique addition to our Training Service.

QDL Services offer an exceptional and highly effective ‘on the job’ assessment and mentoring service. For more information on this and our other services, we welcome you to explore our website, get in touch with us and put our quality to the test.